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Dr.HuAbout Dr. Hu

・Name: Dr. Shaojun Hu
・Affiliation:College of Information, Northwest A&F University, China
・Position title: Lecturer
・Major: Electronics and Information Science(Old major[1]), Graduate School of Iwate University, Japan
・Teaching advisor: Norishige Chiba-sensei


Why did you think to get a doctorate?

The main reason I determined to pursue a PhD in the field of Computer Graphics is my curiosity to discover something new behind lots of computer animated films and 3D games.

How did you decide your way after you finished your doctor’s course?

After getting my PhD degree, I decide to find a place where I can continue my research. One of the best places is working in a university because you can apply for projects and study whatever you like freely.

Do you have any regret? (Ex. If you have done something in your doctor’s course, it would have been better etc.)

If there was something I wish I could do better, I think I should work harder and cherish the free time when I was a PhD student. I thought the doctor’s course was had, but when I got a teaching position and had a family, I become much busier than before.

How do you think about support or education of Iwate university? Are you satisfied with it? Or what is need for being better?

I am satisfied with the support and the education provided by Iwate University. I am lucky because my application for Monbukagakusyo[2] Scholarship was approved. I also benefitted from the free Japanese course provided by Iwate University international center. The teachers from there have left me a deep impression of their patience, kindness and professionalism.

Do you make use of your past experience or research of doctor’s course to work now? If you have, what is that?

Yes, my specific research topic is the real-time modeling and animation of vegetation that is close to my past research when I was a PhD student.

Message for doctor

If you are already a PhD student, congratulations, you now have a new starting point, and I believe Iwate University will support you to achieve your dreams because lots of research area and faculty in this university are internationally recognized by their good reputations. As a PhD student, you need to make original and creative contribution in your field. That means you have to work hard and sacrifice time with your family and friends. However, it is worthwhile because the experience of being a PhD student will provide you professional skill and independent thoughts in a new height.

[1] Departments and majors were changed in 2009.
[2] The Japanese government(MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)